Automated Welding

As the welding industry moves towards automatic welding, Firefly Welding offers clients a ready-made solution, an automated welding service using the Firefly semi-automated welding machine and skilled welding crews.

The Firefly welding machine can be used where there is a high degree of weld repeatability, and a flat or flexible guide band can be mounted to the workpiece.

Automated Welding

The Firefly welding bug

Firefly Welding use IPWL’s Firefly welding bug for automated welding projects. The Firefly machine has proven to be a reliable tool for our clients.

Here’s why:


Firefly is quick and will continually out-perform manual welding processes.


Firefly will continually produce a consistent and repeatable weld result.


Firefly is a compact and robust welding machine proven in the field, time after time.


Firefly has been designed to be easy to maintain in harsh and remote working environments.


Firefly welders are fully trained in the use of the Firefly welding bug.


Weld parameters can be locked down to help ensure weld consistency.

Enhance productivity

The main purpose of Firefly is to enhance the productivity of the welder by continually producing a consistent weld result.

Digital technology

Firefly incorporates digital technology. It is not a robot, it is a tool for the skilled welder – Firefly helps the skilled welder do his job more quickly, improving quality and productivity.

Integrated data logger

Firefly comes equipped with an integrated weld data logger and monitoring unit – a built in solution offering seamless integration to fulfil weld data information demands.


The Firefly welding machine is an adaptable system for welding, cutting and bevelling.

Technical support

Technicians have access to online remote assist diagnostics software, enabling resolution of technical issues anywhere in the world.

Made in Britain

Built in the UK

The Firefly welding bug is designed and manufactured in the UK exclusively by IPWL Limited.

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