Firefly Services

Firefly Welding recognise that our clients face ever demanding market conditions. There is a constant need to improve productivity, to remain competitive, to get the job done on time and within budget.


Making the right choice of welding contractor can be tricky. Considering Firefly’s welding services might just make that choice a bit clearer.

Pipe Welding

Firefly Welding provide welding crews and welding equipment for pipe welding projects. We specialise in large bore welding projects and use both manual and automated welding techniques.

Industrial Pipefitting

Firefly Welding provide an on-site industrial pipefitting service. Our skilled pipefitters have experience in metal and plastic piping systems.

Pipeline Welding

Firefly Welding provide welding crews and equipment for pipeline projects. We specialise in semi-automated welding techniques using IPWL’s Firefly welding bug. The Firefly welding bug is designed primarily for pipeline welding operations in the oil, gas and water industries.

Hot Tap Welding

Firefly Welding’s highly experienced crews specialise in providing a mechanised hot tap welding service using IPWL’s Firefly welding bug.

Firefly equipment training, sales and rent

Firefly Welding are the sole distributor for the sale and rental of IPWL’s Firefly semi-automated welding bug. Firefly welding sets and related equipment are available to rent with or without operators. Technical support and training are provided on all equipment.

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