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Firefly adds young welders to crew

Firefly Welding gives young welders their chance. After preparing the welders for PQR testing, successful trainees who pass the independent test, join the Firefly field crew. Then it’s straight in to welding projects in France, Belgium, Poland and England.

Firefly Welding Field Crew Members

Hard and soft skills

Joining a crew is not just about making the grade with your ‘hard’ technical welding skills. Welders must learn ‘soft’ skills as well. New crew members must be able to work and function in a team. They need to adapt to working at different locations, different climates, different countries with different customs and often work alongside other contractors from different trades. All these factors require some level of skill and experience to contend with. Travelling, working away from home and living in hotels for weeks at a time is not for everyone. However, the rewards are there for the skilled welder.

Firefly Welding Crew Setting Up and Welding, Poland

It’s not work all the time…Firefly crew at end of project bonding session!

Firefly Welding Crew, Poland